CHIP API Documentation


All the endpoints below have a prefix of (e.g. POST

You will need your API key that you can obtain in the Developers section in your account. Please use this key as a bearer token in the Authorization header included in every request: Authorization: Bearer <secret key>.

Endpoint URL
Note: You need to integrate the API from your server-side and not from the client-side. These are security features implemented by the web browser to prevent sensitive information from being transferred to the client side. Avoid exposing your secret key to the end user by integrating it on the server side. Hence, we are not enabling Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).

Read-to-go connectors

Before starting the development, we recommend checking out the list of ready-to-go connectors to the popular platforms we’ve already built for you. It might save you some precious time if you use one of these to develop your project.

Check out our GitHub Repo